Botts Angus Ranch

Botts Angus Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch located in northeast Oregon beneath the beautiful Wallowa Mountains. The ranch consists of 550 mother cows and about 1,000 acres of farm ground.

Our program began when Beau was given a bummer calf in the third grade. At 12 years old he rented his first farm ground and continued to slowly build from there. Throughout high school he was heavily involved in FFA. By the time he graduated in 1999, he was up to 45 commercial cows and 50 acres of farm ground.

In 2002 he increased his operation with the purchase of 100 commercial cows as well as leased the 83 Ranch in Pilot Rock, Oregon, in partnership with Raymond & Son. He stayed there three years calving out during the winter and bringing part of the cows home to Wallowa County during the summer months, where he continued to farm.

In 2004 Beau married his wife, Kristin, who had just graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a teaching degree. We again increased our cow herd with the lease of 120 head of commercial cows, which we later purchased in 2007. By 2005 we were ready to move home to Wallowa County full-time. In 2006 our first son, Lane, was born.

We continued to build throughout the years in both farming and ranching. In 2007 we purchased another 40 head of commercial cows. In 2009 we also purchased our home place, 160 acres in Enterprise, Oregon. By 2010 our family was also growing with the birth of our second son, Tilden. 2011 found us purchasing yet more cows, about 65 head, 20 of which were bred heifers from Raymond & Son. In 2012 we bought another 55 head of bred heifers from them.

In 2012 we began getting our feet wet in the registered side of the business with the purchase of 15 Thomas and Sinclair cows. In 2013 we were given our greatest opportunity to date, the purchase of part of the Rollin' Rock herd out of Sidney, Montana, and becoming partners with Bill & Jennifer Davis and Ryan & Amy Raymond in Rollin' Rock Angus Genetic Partners.

It has been 20 years since that first bummer calf, but we have managed to put together 550 mother cows and currently farm 1,000 acres. We are now looking forward to continued success with our new partners in our annual bull sale in Hermiston, Oregon.