Rollin' Rock Angus Genetic Partners

Rollin' Rock Angus- Montana built from the most powerful genetics in the Angus breed lives on as Rollin' Rock Genetic Partners- Oregon. This industry leading seedstock herd combines the experience and history built by Bill and Jennifer Davis partnering with young guns Ryan Raymond and Beau Botts. The addition of Botts Angus Ranch and Raymond and Son, Inc. add the experience and success of two superior quality commercial cow/calf producers to Rollin' Rock. The partnership brings a new focus adding new age Angus breed technology to this industry leading foundation herd. The Rollin' Rock brand combines these ideals and commitments to its Angus Bull Sale annually the second Friday of March in Hermiston, Oregon.

46th Annual BULL Sale

Rollin' Rock Angus Genetic Partners
Annual Bull Sale, March 10, 2017
Sale at 1:00pm
Tri Tip lunch at 12:00pm
Dinner and informative demonstration March 9th, 2017 at 6:00pm

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Ranch History

The Davis family of Rollin' Rock Angus in Sidney, Montana is arguably one of the most influential families to the Angus breed from both a leadership and cattle breeding perspective. The contributions to the industry are hardly enumerable, as you begin to count the boards of directors served, awards won, and outreach made to fellow Angus breeders to better our breed. Bill and his late father Dale are known for their captivating personalities, they are known to light up a room with both humor and extensive knowledge of the breed and industry. As put by Mark Gardiner of Gardiner Angus Ranch, "Bill has an eternal optimism for the Angus breed." Read More →